The font I use on this site is called Dyslexie.


It was created by a dyslexic designer in The Netherlands and it helps people with dyslexia read more easily.


I think it's an amazing font because it does my favorite thing in the world: It provides a solution to an actual obstacle through creative and aesthetic means. It brazenly breaks all the traditional "rules" of font design, and by doing so, widens a circle of inclusion. And on top of it all, it's fun and interesting to look at.


I love that this font can look to the casual observer kind of goofy and not-considered, when in actuality it is arguably far more considered and purposeful in its design than most of the "serious" and "professional" looking fonts out there. This feels like a complete and all-encompassing analogue for how I hope my work can function in the world. 

*Big ups to Ask Nicely of The Puzzlement Laboratory for introducing me to this wonderful font.