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Feast of Fools

Feast of Fools is an annual immersive clown performance in celebration of Halloween. The performance takes place in a different public space in Philadelphia each year.

It is free, non-scary, open to all, and aims to create a space where we can reflect on death and laugh at the ridiculousness of mortality.

For the first two years, I directed and produced the show, which features my former clown students. The project now operates with leadership rotating each year, so that no one has creative ownership over it.


I created this project in the spirit of the BareBones Halloween Extravaganza in Minneapolis. For years, I traveled to the Twin Cities each fall to work on that amazing community production. However, after several years, I realized that rather than traveling halfway across the country to help make Halloween magic in another community, I'd rather create something with and for the people where I actually live.

Feast of Fools has received support from Meow Wolf, the Philadelphia Office of the Arts, Culture, and the Creative Economy, and the Penn Treaty Special Services District.

For images of the first year of Feast of Fools (2017) click here.

All photos by Rachel Wisniewski.

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