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Three Kinds of Wildness

Written by Donna Oblongata

Directed by Sarah Lowry

Performed by Donna Oblongata, Patrick Costello, Cricket Arrison, Chenda Cope, and Travis Sehorn

Original music by Travis Sehorn and Chenda Cope

Three Kinds of Wildness takes place in the deepest gold mine in the world. It follows Alexander Graham Bell as he tries to get a specialist to help his daughter who hears too much. Meanwhile, Frederic Tudor, who is credited with being the first person to commodify ice, is sleeping on Bell's couch, having recently gotten out of debtor's prison. There's also a chorus of singing mushrooms who get caught up in Tudor's campaign to have a city-wide parade with a  coyote theme.

This play toured the eastern US twice. It was also chosen as the spring one-act for Essex High School in Vermont, who took it to a state-wide competition.

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