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EF! at Hickory Summer

EF!, a new immersive musical inspired by the 40-year old Earth First! movement and direct action environmental activism, is coming to New Hampshire & Vermont August 10-12th, 2023 as part of Hickory Summer, a series of public events centering and celebrating the long overlooked Hickory tree and engaging the pubic in local environmental decision making.


Schedule of events:

Thurs. August 10 @ 7PM: Sneak Preview at Feast & Field in Barnard, VT


Fri. August 11 @ 8PM: EF! Full Performance at Dartmouth Organic Farm

Sat. August 12 @ 9AM: Hickory Tree Clean-Up Day

Sat. August 12 @ 8PM: EF! Full Performance at Dartmouth Organic Farm

Sun. August 13 @ 10AM: Public Participation Workshops led by Yellowbud Farm & White River Natural Resources Conservation District

**all performances at the O Farm are free, donations much appreciated!

**attendees of Friday evening's performance are welcome to camp out overnight at the O Farm


To receive updates on the weekend of activities, fill out this contact form!

This performance of EF! is being supported by:

White River Resources Conservation District

Yellowbud Farm

Dartmouth Organic Farm & Sustainability Office

Dartmouth Department of Music

Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation

NE Grassroots Fund


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