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The Great & Terrible and the Small & Meek: The Wizard of Oz in Bartram's Garden

This all-volunteer community-based production featured a cast and crew of 45 people, ages 6 to 60. It was held in Bartram's Garden, the oldest botanical garden in North America. I adapted the script from a combination of the film, the book, and the screenplay (which includes some interesting scenes left out of the movie). I also directed and produced the show, and played the Wizard!

Note the 20' treehouse/castle engineered by Taryn Jones and Anne-Marie Gincley. Yianni Kourmadas (Hermit Thrushes, SGMG Records) led the band and wrote original music for the first act. Dani Eppihimer (Hermit High Priestess) composed and played original compositions for the second act. Each of the witches (Emily Bate and Sebastian Cummings) wrote and performed their own songs.

The vertical scrolling cantastoria was made by Chenda Cope (who played the Tin Man). Patrick Costello made and operated the Toto puppet. Samantha Hyman designed the costumes. Other set pieces and puppets were made by artists and volunteers across Philly-- including corn rows made by a classroom of local preschoolers.

Photos by Paul Gargagliano

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